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  1. 01:19
    Silencer-wielding Lady disposes of both a rival and colleague
    Hitch-hiker -- S4E09 (clip)Annoyingly for such a classic clip (I've seen short versions of this for about ten years!) I can't find a cast list for it, or indeed ...
    3 months ago
  2. 04:34
    Slinky Silencer-Wielding Slaughtress Massacre
    Two hitwomen embark on a simple mission to massacre the Scene of Crime team intent on convicting a kingpin boss. However, the ambition and recklessness of the junior ...
    2 years ago
  3. 03:38
    Cruel Lady
    Nancy Paul in "V.I.Warshawski"
    2 years ago
  4. 03:54
    Nzlionelbtx - Black Money (feat. T Silencer & Lady P)
    3 years ago
  5. 05:00
    Red Hair Lady (1)
    Angie Everhart
    4 months ago
  6. 00:51
    Silencer shooting woman FJV
    Her wine was stolen, she got cheeky so was shot with my silencer
    9 months ago
  7. 04:25
    silencer hitwoman 35
    1 year ago
  8. 00:40
    Hitwoman Silencer : Would you.....? Careful!
    A woman kills her boyfriend. Never trust a woman!
    1 year ago
  9. 03:04
    Have You Seen This Woman?
    Fi Stevens and Becky Speed are (respectfully) the silencer-wielding assassin and the witness to a massacre, only to discover that not everyone's who they appear.Other ...
    2 years ago
  10. 04:13
    Hongkong Lady (3)
    Vivian Wu
    1 year ago
  11. 04:17
    Leather And Leotarded Lethal Lady!
    Dale Stevens plays the leather-and-leotard clad hitwoman Coyote in this episode of the revised spy show. From overhearing a plan to expose her identity (done whilst ...
    5 months ago
  12. 00:43
    Hot chick shooting a suppressed 22lr Walther p22 silencer
    3 years ago
  13. 00:47
    silencer hitwoman 12
    2 years ago
  14. 04:32
    Erin Gray - Silencer-wielding biker hitwoman!
    From the episode "Black Cat Killer" of Robert Urich vehicle Vega$ (ep S3E03) comes a host of pluses -- not only a leather-clad motorbiking hitwoman, not only using a ...
    4 months ago
  15. 01:03
    female assassin silencer
    1 year ago
  16. 01:35
    2 years ago
  17. 03:59
    Burglar (2)
    Colleen Porch in "Fastlane" (Strap On)
    2 years ago
  18. 00:34
    La Spezialiste
    Woman kills man with silenced gun
    5 years ago
  19. 01:53
    Female Assassin with Silencer and Glove
    1 year ago
  20. 00:29
    Silencer Research 410 Shotgun Silencer
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    2 years ago
  21. 06:26
    Red Blue Green Productions - hitwoman compilation (Dec 2009, part 1)
    Four mini-clips of lethal ladies, amazing assassins, hot hitwomen, going about their business - disguising as an estate agent or a masseuse, or just killing data ...
    1 year ago
  22. 01:45
    Female Leather Killer - Kim Cattrall
    3 years ago
  23. 01:08
    Killer woman 24
    3 years ago
  24. 04:28
    5 years ago
  25. 02:22
    nancy kovak showing a lot of Nancy Kovak
    On VHS, DVD, being widescreen, shows nothing.
    4 years ago
  26. 24:41
    Silencerco: "Shut That Gun Up!" Pt 1 by Nutnfancy
    PART 1: With the introduction of their pistol suppressors, the rimfire "Sparrow" and the centerfire "Osprey" lines, Silencerco has jumped into the suppressor market ...
    3 years ago
  27. 05:22
    Smoking Hitwoman in Leather
    Hi,I´m overjoyed to present Brandy from English Fetisch Angels. She is soooooo hot in this clip. Well, I hope I can upload more stuff of her wearing leather. If you ...
    4 years ago
  28. 01:52
    Biker Hitwoman!
    Marina Gatell plays Marisa, one part of a hit team attacking a facility in order to kill members of the Board. As part of that, she does the usual, "smile at the ...
    4 months ago