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    Islamic Hand Cutting : Shariah Law
    "As to the thief, Male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example, from Allah, for their crime: and Allah is Exalted in power." - Quran 5:38 ...
    3 years ago
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    Amputace ruky.avi ( the hand amputation)
    1 year ago
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    3d Medical Visualization - Fingers Amputation (Part II)
    -hand-infection-and-fingers-amputation/ 3d animation of a medical procedure: some bones of the hand are ...
    3 years ago
  4. 01:06
    Oliver Stone's THE HAND - Amputation Scene
    Even though you know it's coming, this scene still packs a wallop!!
    4 years ago
  5. 04:15
    Hand Amputee Introduction
    I wanted to make some video's after seeing another amputee on here, she inspired me to do this but to be honest she is a lot better at speaking on camera. I apologize ...
    1 year ago
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    Partial Hand Amputation
    Testing out the HD features for another look at what it's like living with a partial hand amputation.
    4 years ago
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    Amputated my right hand
    2 years ago
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    Amputations In Iran For Stealing
    Punishment for stealing. Here go here in the Quran for the exact verse: 5:38. 'As to the thief, Male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of ...
    7 years ago
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    FNN +21 WARNING GRAPHIC Syria Aleppo al Shaar Neighborhood Resistance of a hand amputated child due to
    1 year ago
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    VFX for removing a hand
    FrostFX CG amputated a hand of a beautiful Estonian actress Mirtel Pohla for a TV show Riigimehed which is made by our friends in Catapult Films.
    3 years ago
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    2 years ago
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    Rock climbing man reaches new heights with his amputated hand!
    Rock climber Clint adapts to his circumstances and is always reaching for new heights. After all, "It's only a hand." Read more about Clint in Issue 3 of the ...
    1 year ago
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    Sudan: Sharia (hand and foot amputation) Warning
    Redefining the Media
    7 years ago
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    Boy whose hand was wrongfully amputated to be compensated
    4 months ago
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    harsh punishment - hand amputation
    girl getting punished jk.. she's holding meat to be cut ...preparing to cook food for the kids
    3 years ago
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    Mali: father of three describes having his hand amputated
    39-year-old Issa Alzouma was accused of spying by the Islamist regime in Mali and endured the removal of his right hand without any painkillers or medical attention.
    11 months ago
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    amputated fingers
    actually this was a long video with sound and explanations, but my cable for the DV is missing, so I could only download the video.
    5 years ago
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    Complete Hand Microvascular Re-implantation . BY PROF. RIDA FRANKA.
    2 years ago
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    AmputeeOT: Explaining why I am getting a Below knee amputation (graphic)
    10 months ago
  20. 01:40
    A Ceremonial Amputation of the Hand of a Thief
    7 months ago
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    Partially amputated hand.......pin removal 1 month later
    The Doctor taking the pins out of my hand after halfway smashing it off in a rollover accident.
    1 year ago
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    Iraq Brutal Amputations Of Arms, Fingers, Hands Tongues StileProject com
    2 years ago
  23. Patient opts for amputation in favour of bionic hand
    An Austrian resident has chosen to have his dysfunctional hand cut off so that it can be replaced with a bionic limb.
    2 years ago
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    Amputation of forearm hand
    I have lost meaning of life - Help me pleaseBank Zachodni WBK ,PL 86 1090 2040 0000 0001 1113 9744SWIFT: WBKPPLPPWith postscript :" For Andrzej Pasterczyk "
    8 months ago
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    French hunter loses hand after being shot by dog
    1 year ago
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    HALLOWEEN: Bottle charm: Amputated hand
    This is the last of my mini series. PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU WANT ME TO DO MORE :D AND SHARE SOME IDEAS IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO MAKE ANY.** Also I'm so sorry about the ...
    3 months ago
  27. Bionic hand for 'elective amputation' patient
    The BBC reports that an Austrian man has voluntarily had his hand amputated so he can be fitted with a bionic limb.
    2 years ago
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    Partially Amputated Hand - Re-Wrapping
    4 months after accident with table saw, reinstalling the stockinette to keep scar guard (otoform) in place over wrist damage. Video shows me putting the stockinette ...
    5 years ago
  29. 13:25
    1st Bandage change part 1
    This was 4 days after my truck accident that internally amputated my left hand. Every nurse, aid and student wanted to see it. There was a lot of buzz abut my hand on ...
    2 years ago
  30. 01:49
    Boy whose hand was wrongfully amputated to be compensated
    Justice has finally been served to one Juliet Murugi and her 10-year-old son Antony Gitari after nine years. The boy's hand was amputated as a result of a doctor's ...
    4 months ago